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Copper Fruit and Vegetable Place

Rp. 650,000
Last Updated
26 Apr 2024
Country Origin
Minimum Order
1 Pieces

CV. Fancy Copper, as the leading copper craft center in Boyolali, is proud to present the Copper Fruit and Vegetable Place. This product is a manifestation of our high expertise in processing copper into elegant, functional art items.

Featured Features:

  • Quality Copper Material: This Fruit and Vegetable Holder is made of carefully selected high-quality copper. Copper provides sturdiness and durability which makes it suitable for everyday use.
  • Classic and Elegant Feel: The product design provides a classic and elegant feel, adding elegance to your living room layout. This fruit and vegetable holder is not only a functional container, but also an eye-catching work of art.
  • Ideal Dimensions: With dimensions of 30 cm x 20 cm, this place has the ideal size to accommodate various types of fruit and vegetables. Provides an organized and neat appearance.
  • Comprehensive Set: Available in an L, M, and S set, allowing you to arrange fruits and vegetables in style. Each size provides flexibility in your kitchen layout and decoration.
  • Custom Orders: Apart from this product, we also accept special orders for various other copper craft products without a minimum order. Starting from teapots, kettles, plates, glasses and other products that can be produced according to your wishes.

Product Application:

Copper Fruit and Vegetable Holder from CV. Fancy Copper is the perfect choice to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or dining room. Apart from being functional, this product is also an attractive decoration that improves the aesthetics of the room.

By choosing this product, you not only get a practical container for your fruit and vegetables, but also get the beauty of copper that is neatly maintained. An investment that provides outstanding aesthetic and usability value.

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